This website is a personal project to collect all the best websites from around the world. I will be extremely strict with the sites I approve on this directory.
You can submit a link free of charge, but please read the submission details through before submitting. Most sites fail and get deleted based on a poor submission and not their actual website.

Key features I will use as a guideline to determine if a link can be approved or not.

  • Website must be a known brand locally where it exists.
  • Content on website must be unique and special
  • Contact details must be visible on the website to determine the ownership
  • Visual and content must be enjoyable to watch
  • Submitted description must be 100% unique. I will check descriptions in Google!

Sites I with guarantee will not approve

  • Any pornographic sites
  • Any casino & gambling related sites
  • Any site that directly breaks local laws
  • Any site with aggressive advertising – the content must always be main focus.
  • Any site that only exist to provide linkjuice to other sites (hub)

This might seem strict to some, but this is done to have a site that is enjoyable for all parties (surfers, linkowners, me,  search engines).

Kind regards
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