Minecraft Servers – Complete List of playable servers

Tired of searching for a good server to play on? Never really able to find a perfect match to your needs?

Well, the Minecraft Servers site has the most active servers listed in the world, with uptime status, players online, latency, plugins and much more.

To make it a lot easier for you, there is a special Minecraft Filter Search page where you can make narrow searches and that way easily eliminate useless servers.

A good example could be: You want to play on a US based server that has the following options: Factions, McMMO, PVP enabled, Skyblock plugin on and running on latest Minecraft Server Version. You can select a query like that in seconds.

This list has been around since 2010 and was one of the absolute first lists on the market. We have proven to be stable and deliver great results for the servers that use the list. And the players all give tons of positive response daily.

If you have an Android Device, you can also use the specialized application to sort through servers. Find Minecraft Servers on Android Market.

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