List of Minecraft Servers

International list of thousands of Minecraft Servers – Find ip address on the servers.
We have anything from Survival (SMP), Classic (Creative), PVP, Roleplay, PVE, Whitelist and much more to sort from.

All servers visible on the site are online and live right this minute.

Find a new Minecraft multiplayer server today and become a famous miner 🙂

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List of Minecraft Servers, 6.8 out of 10 based on 59 ratings

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  1. minecraft australian servers says:

    Are you looking for an Australian Minecraft Tekkit server, one right in your backyard? Tired of playing on Minecraft hosting servers outside the country, with too much lag and a base of players that don’t speak your language or aren’t on when you want to play? It’s time to take a look at our growing community.
    We’re a solid new survival multiplayer Minecraft server running Tekkit, the multiplayer port of the hugely popular Technic mod to Minecraft. As you probably already know, Tekkit adds a host of new technological options to SMP, reinventing the game entirely. Anybody can do a little mining and craft a diamond pickaxe. The Tekkit and Technic collection of mods challenge your mind and mastery of the Minecraft universe by introducing ways to construct incredible machines, allowing you to automate mining, manufacture materials, or even create your own fully-functioning computer. Where Tekkit’s concerned, the only limit to what you can accomplish is your own imagination.

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    • AceIce123 says:

      I will apply for admin when i join

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